An Ode to Woodstock

Recently for class I was assigned to do a DECA - Distributive Education Clubs of America - project. I chose a fashion project (go figure) sponsored by the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIDM) in Los Angeles.  The project required of me to create a "2014 Back-to-School " trend based on what I believe will be in style for the upcoming year. More details on the requirements of the project can be found here.

My trend centers around music festivals and their ever-growing popularity in the 21st century. A quote from my video details their pertinence:

Music, fashion and culture have always played off one another. Lately, music festivals have significantly grown and are a big part of our culture. Today it is just below Woodstock on the music scale. These music festivals contain a sense of freedom and self-expression, allowing festival-goers options of what artists to see, how long to go for, and other aspects. Style has reigned at festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo, and South by Southwest just to name a few. For festival-goers, style is a major part of the experience. For the back- to school 2014 trend, we are bringing that style experience into every-day wear. It is the next step in both style and moral freedom. Aspects of festival-wear have already been incorporated, however not universally, or entirely. Almost anything goes for festival-wear because it is about being unique and expressing yourself.

Aside from the requirement aspect of the project, creating this trend gave me a chance to do some DIY projects I have been wanting to do. Projects I am going share with y'all now!

First was the Flower Crown Beanie, daughter of the popular "Flower Crown", a warmer alternative for expressing your inner hippie.

Fake Flowers
Hot Glue Gun

I found a wreath at Good Will with flowers on it and cut them off, anything works. Keep in mind that the beanie stretches when you put it on your head so place your flowers overlapping and close together.

By the end of it all I had one leftover flower which I then glued to a bobby pin. Initially I was going to use it for my hair but I decided to use it as a pin for my boots to dress them up a little.

You can do this with any bobby pins and with as many as you wish!

The complete look is below followed by my finished movie project on Youtube. Enjoy!


xoxo, Aspen


3 Reasons Why I Haven't Blogged Lately That Aren't Actually True

Here are all the wrong explanations for why I haven't surfaced, until now.

1. I was signing up for Obama Care.

2. I decided to wait in the Starbucks line on Black Friday.

3. My cat signed a contract to go on tour with Miley Cyrus and I had to tag along.

Aside from all the sarcasm, I plan to start getting into the swing of things again. So keep a look out for some new posts soon! Happy Holidays!

xoxo, Aspen
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